Apiterra’s partners

Akuo Energy

Akuo-energy is an independent producer of renewable energies and has developed an agri-energy programme to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. With its goal of preserving the environment and biodiversity, the producer is investing in projects aimed to protect and revive natural environments that are rich in biodiversity and threatened by human activity. This is why the company supports Apiterra in its company hive project.


Comearth, a company based in the Paris area, has been providing services for over 20 years in the sector of outsourcing customer relations. To enhance its “green” image and help promote sustainable development, Apiterra recently set up hives on the rooftop of its premises.


Ekodev is a consultancy and services company in the field of sustainable development. They are specialised in ecological projects and help companies set up CSR plans. The firm represents Apiterra to corporate clients in order to promote the project of corporate bee hives. Its aim is to minimise companies’ carbon footprint and raise employees’ awareness about ecological issues.



Apiterra has signed an agreement with INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) aiming to develop research programmes into a strain of bees that are naturally resistant to Varroa Destructor, a virus that has wiped out a large number of bee colonies. Since 2000, INRA and Apiterra have worked on 70 colonies, studying the productivity levels of resistant bee breeds.

des abeilles et des hommes

More Than Honey – film

To raise awareness about beekeeping issues, Apiterra was an official partner of the film “More Than Honey”, released on 20 February 2013. The film, which also had the support of the French Ministry of Agriculture, ARTE and Biomood, among others, received the “UGC Aime” label. Apiterra has set up beekeeping-awareness stands and organised debates after projections on the theme: “What if bees were extinct?”