Apiterra, specialists in urban bee keeping

bringing teams together

Founded in April 2010 by Ronan de Kervénoaël, Apiterra today has nine staff members, including six professional beekeepers. Apiterra owns and takes care of over 800 hives on behalf of companies and organisations all over France, the UK, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The bee hives are located mainly in the city because the main aim of Apiterra is to set up hive in companies and organisations, which are generally located in around and cities. So it is through urban beekeeping that Apiterra develops its activities and carries out its mission of saving bees.


Our missions

Through its activity, Apiterra seeks to provide bees and bee hives with a new territory to make up for the lack of bee hives in France and Europe. By setting up hives in organisations and companies, Apiterra is contributing to biodiversity and sustainable development by optimising the space available, and thus working to protect bees and help beekeeping thrive.
Apiterra also raises its own honey bee colonies in France.
Apiterra has two main aims:

  • To raise awareness about issues involving bees
  • To fight for bees’ survival

Our beekeeping activities

Apiterra maintains your bee hivesTogether with our activity of setting up bee hives for companies and organisations, and thanks to Apiterra’s team of experienced professional beekeepers, we breed our own Dark and Buckfast bee colonies. Buckfast bees are known for their docile temper, which helps limit the risk of stinging.
Apiterra also organises training courses in beekeeping for adults and children, and carries out a large number of special events to introduce the public to bees and to increase awareness about issues related to bees and the consequences these issues have for our civilisation.
We support INRA research projects, particularly concerning a species that is resistant to Varroa destructor, which has wiped out many non-treated bee colonies. We make use of the bee hives set up in companies and organisations as environmental indicators to study and analyse the behaviour of bees and urban bee hives. Lastly, we are actively working on the issues of pollination.

Our team


– Ronan de Kervénoaël: CEO and founder of Apiterra, in charge of sales and marketing –

– Sandrine: in charge of activities and events in and around Paris –

– Julie

– Etienne

– François

– Hugues

And in Paris and the Paris region, a new beekeeper/co-worker will be joining us on 1 June.