Training in beekeeping in a professional framework

in-company training in beekeeping by Apiterra

As part of your professional training, companies and organisations can offer staff an introductory course in beekeeping to raise awareness about the actions undertaken, but also about the issues faced by bees and beekeeping.
This introduction will interest your staff because bees enjoy a positive image that is regularly conveyed in the media, and, like most of the population, your teams will be aware of the importance of bees in pollination and agriculture. The operation is also a way of bringing together and uniting your employees around a project that blends the future of mankind and biodiversity.
For any training or team-building operations, Apiterra provides complete beekeeping outfits. It is also possible for the outfits to feature your company logo.

Training your staff in bee-keeping

Apiterra offers partner companies professional training in beekeeping. These courses are carried out by professional beekeepers, who are Apiterra employees.

A number of packages are available:

  • Introduction to beekeeping indoors: a single session lasting one day, aiming to provide an overview of beekeeping in general, as well as an introduction to how a bee hive
  • Multiple sessions, indoors and onsite: These five sessions each lasting three hours are a chance to introduce beekeeping, the bee hive, the equipment and bees to staff. Indoors or at the bee hive, the employees will find out about beekeeping, get to know the bees, have training in beekeeping techniques, discover the hive and the treatment required to maintain it and learn how to collect honey.

align your teams around beekeeping

Help unite your teams around beekeeping

Align your teams around beekeeping. To set up a real event inside your company after the hive has been set up, as well as to bring together your teams around an original and innovative company project, Apiterra organises introductory sessions about the bee hive for your teams.
Taking the form of an introduction to beekeeping, your staff will find out about the interest of the project for the environment, thus raising awareness about beekeeping and the issues facing it. It is also a chance for them to see a bee hive close up for the first time and to learn how it works.
A genuine event is created around bees and the bee hive. This group beekeeping course introduces the project to your teams, and helps win their support for it. It also creates an event around the bee hive for your teams, and gives them a day spent together to discover beekeeping as part of an incentive project to motivate staff, for example.
Thanks to the Corporate beehive you can create a new dynamic in your company and stimulate your teams!